Nieuw album Cochon Bleu
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Cajun from the swamps of Louisiana,

complemented by folk from the land of The Pogues,

combined with the poppy feel of Mano Negra.

Cochon Bleu (Blue Pig) is a Cajun/Folk/Americana band from Groningen, Holland. The musicians record their first album Changez Les Guitares in 1996, giving a good idea of the energetic live band they have become. The quintet create their own interpretation of the cajun-sound, with three lead-singers, jumpy drumming and a singing solo-guitar replacing the
cajun fiddle.


Recurring themes in their first all-original collection It's All Coming Good (2006)
give it the feel of a concept album. It’s
not accidental that the next years see members joining tributes to some of their concept-album making heroes: The Band (as ‘Driftwood’) and The Beatles (as ‘The Skeatles’).

After the bass player leaves to pursue a solo career, the remaining four join forces with Bert Hadders. They help him create De Coöperoazie (2012), a tribute to the rural northern Netherlands. Their own songs are taken to the theatre in the show Cochon Bleu for Kids.

The revitalized quartet release their best set of original songs to date with Cochon Bleu, Not Blue (2013). The album celebrates the band’s diverse musical backbround. Long-lost cajun ingredient the fiddle is reinstated in the instrumental mix.

The 20th anniversary is celebrated with a host of musical friends playing Cochon Bleu songs. The band return the favor by covering these friends one by one on 2016’s Cover Stars.


In 2017 and 2018 Cochon Bleu will be piecing together their next album, one single release at a time. Every song will be accompanied by a b-side in the form of a pop evergreen in a cajunified version.

Playing this ever expanding repertoire live renders a Cochon Bleu gig musically mightily unpredictable- but in a good way. What remains unchanged is the energy and sheer joy with which they tackle every performance. Come see Cochon Bleu in person, and you’ll see and hear it for yourself.


As their live reputation precedes them, they get prestigious gigs at cajun-and roots festivals. At the famous Oerol-festival (on the island of Terschelling, Holland) the band proves itself an out-standing street-act. It gives their sound a new dimension. Folky, funny, chaotic.

During a stay in Portugal they start adding their own compositions to the set. Traditional French-American songs are now mixed with originals that will swing even in the freezing cold. There’s more: The band members start taking turns playing the mandolin. The left hand of the accordeon is turned into a driving ‘saw bass’. Cochon Bleu put all these improvements to use on their third and fourth albums Relooké (2000) and Eau (2003).





Kees Spruit

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Cochon Bleu

Andre Gubbels

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